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Sorry Frens Day =(

The story i think was like this:
Yesterday, i cant go school to take my sejarah result and majalah sekolah

Juz because de stupid driver will not come and take me to school and wait for around 10 minutes then bring me go home. This is wasting his time....
So, i ask Wendy to take for me and also paid the "RM4" for majalah sekolah.

Of course, I will return her money at tution class. =)Then Wendy and Ju Li and Menzi go school with house shirt. (No people will wiling wear uniform to school for 10 minutes!!)
After took the sejarah result, they went bilik guru for find teacher and take my majalah sekolah.
They saw Pn.Thulasi (I mean: Pn.Sunami saw them)

So, kena marah lo.............

"Why u all wearing house shirt?!" T___T
They try to call other student to take for me.

Hui Yee, Kok Leong, A person dat I dont know his name...............

At last, they call Suet Yee coz Suet Yee live near school.
Suet Yee at last found Pn Hanizah but..................

The majalah not RM4 but "RM12" !!!!
wat the ehem! the teacher eyes $.$

then, they find other fren to borrow another 8 dolar.
They borrow with Jin Huan, Ju Li and Wendy also use their money.

Haizzz.......they did all these is just because me?!

At last they finish their "job".
Are them angry? Dunno......
But wanna thank to you all and say sorry....

Because of me, u all kena marah n terpaksa borrow money from other people.

I gonna cry...................
U all hor..................REALLY ARE MY TRUE FRENS!!

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