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14 Dec 2008, my cousin came my house.....
when he arrive, he juz keep playing onlline game non stop!!
when me, my sister and brother are tutioning........
my mother back and bring a bagto her room.......
after tution, my mother call us come to her room.
i thought she are going to scold us but.......
A CUTE PUPPY CAME OUT from her room!!!!
oh my gosh!!! damn cute!!!
am i dreaming?! have a puppy is my wish that so hard to come true......
its named Bobby~~~ isn't it lovely~~~~
Bobby just 8 month old.
Bobby is a special puppy......
it can't sit as other dog......
when it sit, it lik doing yoga~~~
owww, can't imaging how cute it is right?!

15th Dec 2008, we bath with Bobby in our bath room.
my mother say when Bobby after drink water, we must wrape it mouth using tissue....=.=''
it just like a "rich puppy"....
it activity in a day is just:
1. eat
2. drink
3. sleep
4. eat
5. drink
6. sleep
then just imaging how "heavy" it is.....
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