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11th april is Sophie b'day....
actually we (me, lynn, wendy, shinnie and phui ann) r going to sunway pyramid one....
we decided some step:
1. we meet at skul at 11.15am
2. then, i bring them to sophie' house
3. sophie bring us to pyramid!!
4. when bac, sophie bring us go her house
5. then i fetch them bac to their 'sweet sweet home'

BUT!! at night, Sophie suddenly say she cannt fetch us bcause her mother wan2 fetch her brother... dun faham? actually i oso not faham...=.=ll
so......our shopping trip CANCELED!!
aiyo... sad...

next day, wendy told me dat actually shinnie can fetch us 1...
but her mother so late oni tell her....
haiz.... cannt go liao lo....
elayne good lo, can go.....

anyway, i wanna wish Miss Sophie:
Happy Birthday~~
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