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4ever at pyramid!! <33

how to start this post??
hmm.... =D

1 day, 6 of us
go pyramid...
after the hari guru.....
so bored to see teacher playing games,
then shinnie' s mom cum n sign for me n save me from skul!! =)
thx, shinnie! thx shinnie' s mom!

go pyramid watched "17 again".....
OMG! Zac damn handsome! *fall in love* weih~~ @.@
then walking around.....
before go bac go eat ICE MONSTER!!
damn yummy~~

outside pyramid...
waiting for shiine's mom to take us go bac~
ya!! i agree!! shinnie' s mom is a SUPER KIND MAMA~

let's take some photo....;P

us~ n live happily ever after XP

me n my sister~ ^0^

ya rite! she is my DEAR~!


caught ya!! >.~

my style, lol!!

i noe this is so past facts,
i juz want to post!
dun care XP
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