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happilyy sports day ;D

Sport day that day so happy....
meet Amanda n Sophie n Yu Liang (i think i saw him)
actually every week oso meet her 4-5 times ;D

Shinnie n Amanda....

this pic 'rosak' d...

ice-cream of 100yen ;D yum yum~~

wakaka... jealous leh...

two leng lui....

we kena tangkap by wendy (i think so ;P)

wowow~~ promoting 100 yen arh?!

cute cute background~~

yes madam!!

two leng lui again!!

at stadium MPSJ...
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Pandu' s carnival~~ OMG!! DAMN CUTE!! they 2.... Hishh!! finally my blog re-opened!! I LOVE BOBBY >0< What is a friend? Sorry Frens Day =(