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sweet and bitter

today, after co-cu, shinnie went to my house...
when bobby saw her, he very happy!!

n shinnie keep shouting bcause s
he a bit scared ;p

11.30am, we go pyramid ^-^

after walking here n there, we meet sophie~
we go find custom dat wear when persembahan at smk sj
then when almost 1.30pm, shinnie need to balik kampung d T_T

but lynn finally oso cum d....

then, go eat takoyaki :)

1 person eat 1 biji~~ yummy~~

then finally finally wendy came!!
we continue searching our custom....
and then sumthin not happy happen....
we settle it for almost 30minutes!!

damn angry!! he wasting our time only!!

no brain!!

searching n buying....
ng n searching....
me n shinnie (i help her buy) spend 97 ringgit!!

lynn n wendy spend for 104 ringgit!! >.<

so tired...go rest n eat at SHILIN...

don't be jealous!!

walao... u see our things.... ;o reli jealous d la...

caught ya!!


bac home... fetching wendy too...

haha... too boring!!


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SHINNIE happilyy sports day ;D Pandu' s carnival~~ OMG!! DAMN CUTE!! they 2.... Hishh!! finally my blog re-opened!! I LOVE BOBBY >0< What is a friend? Sorry Frens Day =(