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going sunway pyramid for celebrating christy n wendy's birthday!!

last saturday....(ya ya, i noe i so late oni post ;P)
after cum bac from cu-co, preparing as fast as possible to avoid late arrive at s.p...!
when me, christy n li xian (ya rite! she came my house~ XD) r get ready to bertolak...
my father.....bla bla bla....*skip dat XP*

so...we 1.30 oni arrived!! >.
on the way to buy ice-skating ticket...
kena scold by sumone dat USELESS, LAN YENG, NO BRAIN,....
she dunno the story, i explained to her for few times...
but she lyk langsung duno the bahasa!! MMG SOT!!
dun care bout her *juz walk away n left her there talking craps.*

found juli, shinnie, menzi, wendy, ann, n hui yee....
hello~ ur supergirl r arrive n going to safe u all~ XD *berlagakING*

my dear n me <33

juli n me~

o.o menzi so fierce...

after skated...
go sinma buy sumthing...

and then...
go eat takoyaki n tempura!!
yum yum!!!!!!!

after that,
we start our plan....
since i wan to buy a new hp no.
i ask wendy to go with me....
while they all go shop themself.....
ya of course!! they go buy 2 hamster that we planned to buy....
damn cute weih!!

then after buying, we met in front popular...
i got the video that when she got the 2 little cute animals~
will upload sumday XP new number!!

see...even hui yee oso keep staring at the 2 cute little hamsters~
they as small as my thumb!!
(u noe SHORT N SMALL my fingers T.T)

wanna wishing both of them happy b'day!!
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