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3 hours in school...FRIDAY~

yea, it's FRIDAY~
and that day juz hav to stay at skul for 3 hours... so, whee~ =D

sejarah, 1 group presented with their big mahjong paper (as usual xD)
sivik, teacher come in.... we do our own things..... we discuss bout english oral.... LOL....-.-
den recess......
kh, OMG! 3 lesson leh! i hate kh.... bored....x.x
teacher ask some of them giv all the folio paper.....
as it was so many, we keep say "thank you~" when we receive one.. xD

we done all the folio stuff, we got 2 blank paper =D
menzi start drawing her "round robot" and write sumthing (i think she will post it on her blog too)
den i draw my "square" robot and answer wat the round robot said... yea, in the same paper xD

den i got another idea =)
i use another blank paper n drew a hat and ask menzi to guess "what" live under it @.@
den she oso giv another question sumthing lyk dat.....
aha.... childish yea rite ^-^
i tried to upload that photo (menzi scanned) to here, but failed D;
stupid..... i tried it from 6 sumthing to now 9.55 p.m. @.@
finally i decided to GIVE UP!!

after the 3 lesson of kh, it was geo.... teacher cum talk talk......teacher go out xD
english, as usual, we have to rush to do the grammer before bell ring~~~
and yap, we did it again...LOL!!
then go home...

nite, on msn again....
almost 12 am,
sweet dream
miss uii xD
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