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going crazy D;

"pokai"'s stuff make me burn myself these day.....
i think she noe dat most of us HATE her, but she still lyk nth happen b4....
keep ask us do this do dat......she tot she is the queen...==

since my results is so bad,
me, menzi, hui yee and suet yee decided to study together in this holiday =D
our plan is:
this friday, tuesday (at mcd xD), wednesday and thursday n friday~

but our tuesday plan is so failed!
coz we r not sure dat whether that going out dat day anot...
n suet yee's mother said: ltr ppl go kidnap us xD
LOL, this will not happen xD
n we canceled it ;(

today nite,
oh yea, i reloaded my phone~~~ xD
i was waiting my brother to let me use the computer, for few hours! ==
dad bac, asking for go suet yee house n others....
i keep repeat the word : no dangerous no danger no dangerous no danger xP
den finally...
he say
2mrw can go, another 2 day juz ask them cum our house...

at least lyk dat better looo...
daddy said: cannt be a result of this matter, den dun sayang me liao... OMG!!
can't belief this word came out from my dad's mouth xD
coz dat time i reli very angry n keep quite ;T

all these stuff reli freak me out!!!

2 new mugs for me n christy~ =D

as a jie, i let my little sista choose first xD
yea u dunno how kind am i~~xD
she had choosen the monkey's one....
so the cute tiger's mug belongs to me~~!! xD

dats all for 2day~~
sweet dream =)
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