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WHAT The Hell Are You!?

u dint have a mouth? dint you? ;T

or can say u dunno how to speak?



can i make sure you are 14 this year?



u need a backup? i see i see.....


hey! i dont know u eat too much pork!

ya..... muka tebal >.<>i cant wait to speak out the word, just for you ASAP [as soon as possible]
--- Keep Your Face Away From My Eyes!

you know what!? U Make me NAUSEA!!

yes rite..... juz carp if u want, yes i do xD

let's get crazy~~~~

shout la!! i want to see what happen to your voice later.... haha....

ooi!! dont starring me lyk this la....

it's bad for your eyes....., and health xD

thx for let me have this desire to update my blog...

arigato gozaimasu~ ^-^

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I'm Grace, Amian.
I born on 28th of Mei. I love my friends, family and Bobby. I love hanging out, chit-chat with dearest friends, shopping! Moreover, love to sing and dance! (: There are my passion?

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