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FRENZ 2gether 4ever and ever~

yess!! my version!! grace version!!
go see menzi blog before view mine~ ^-^
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yesterday bout 12.30 pm went wendy's house-- court 7 while waiting menzi, suet yee n hui yee to come...
walking around thereand finally menzi and suet yee came,
then hui yee came too =)

we choose the place dat can have a good view to swimming pool,
in the cafe~
it was windy~ xD

do sivik folio...
im juz doing the part that no need USE MY BRAIN
decorating!! drawing!!
copy -.-

while doing,
menzi bought 2 sandwiches cost 5 bucks!
and it was.....yucks!!
(to menzi: psps xP)

10 minutes before go bac, go playground~
see saw!! xD
den times up! bac~

they cuming my house next tuesday!!
meet bobby~
Bobby sure happy till siao~

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I born on 28th of Mei. I love my friends, family and Bobby. I love hanging out, chit-chat with dearest friends, shopping! Moreover, love to sing and dance! (: There are my passion?

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