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Barbeque Party was awesome! =D

its today! hahah finally the day arrived xD we couldn't wait for today! you can see it through our facebook status =D BARBEQUE PARTY at lynn house =D we planned for this day for about one week? and everyone of us so scared that our plan fail~ so worried until need few fully spammed messages at facebook for activities to play, food, transport and etc.

last night, i was going to ask my dad. so afraid that he reject me =( mom said she will fetch if dad allow. i asked:" err dad, tomorrow i..." "NO." =.=" i not yet complete my question weih! talked for some times. i don't know what is he worry bout -.- over worried. he allowed me when i started to ignore everything he said xD

on the way to lynn house... usj x. omg i don't know my mom asked lynn's number from me :O though i told her i know the way -.- ish. nvm~ as long as she get there~

and, i noticed the the clouds today were damn fake. :O like ppl drew it on the sky :D

we settled the crazy punishment for the games. and there was a spiky one. that was really crazy. hahah that was something like bikini with cones on it. i'll called it bikini instead of... =X and those cones are full of paper made thorns!! it was bravo idea xD

and finally all arrived, we get started =D burning up the charcoals was really really not an easy work. the guys just sitting down and watching us fan the charcoals so hard, until they felt we aren't burning them up xD

hahah i just felt this picture was too cool. notice there pants! xD long, knee-length and short~ =D

once the guys start working on the barbeque thingy, hahah it became their job! =D muahahaa

Ruby was cute! ;D he looks so gentleman, but he din't act that way :P the guys keep:" where's your dog?" and made lynn beh tahan xD "LATER LA!" nyahaa~ omg shu fen so scared of him D: awwwww

lynn's mom was too kind ;D she half-cooked the food b4 we barbeque. so that won't waste too much times ahah~ :D but the food was too much. lynn instructed us to finish those food. don't make unnecessary waste ya know! :P

and then, games time~! =D hahah chubby bunny!! the marshmellow made me feel like vomit it out xP that's bout 15 in my mouth D: and yet, nobody seems like giving up. everybody was avoiding the scary punishment xD and finally finally, wendy did! xD and then lynn. they got their punishment from awesome box, fantastic box, either. then other games going on...

ohmaii, i think ahmie still don't get it why she got this spiky one! xD we prayed, when making this. this was the scariest one D: as ahman said, so cruel~~ xD oh yea, ahman drunk D: we din't get to play~ sad case.

you could see how sot i am today. i screamed whenever ppl screamed. even though i don't know what were them screaming xD hahah. times fly when u' re with friends D: i don't know why.

i'm going school today. its already 1a.m. so considered today! =D but i'm still here. was too exicted to blog xD okay, enough. its the longest post i had ever wrote xD oops. soooo, don't get bored, and, incase you forget,

CLICK my nuffnang! =D thank you~~~ ;)

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