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waiting kills D;

yesterday, saturday.
wanted to go shopping x)
lixian and natasha come my house around 3pm.
and i thought my dad is suppose to come back at around that time -.-ll

while waiting, we practice the dance xoxo
we recorded a video for the dance just to see how is it x)
christy done her end pose and shouting "pain pain pain" at there,
we just straightaway go see the video~!
LOL no one choi her xD

okay, my dad back at around 5 .____.
and we suppose to go pyramid but he brought us to IOI mall O.o
so hard to find the clothes at there...
finally bought the clothes and went optical 88 x)
LOLSS my dad was like giving lecture to natasha xD
kesian her~~~ x)

then took dinner at 1 puchong cafe.
LOLSS almost everyone at there were watching at the televisions.
and so funny when they shouted :"GOAL!" xD

awww i miss that watermelon juice
as you can see, 2 straws there~ me nat and christy sharing :D

fetch both of them back home as it was almost 10pm o.o
so funny when nat said:" turn here, I THINK" xD
ermm actually that was not funny, but dunno wat my dad said and keep making me laugh for that xP

hahaaa so paiseh leh nat and xian,
firstly, waited so long at my house,
then at the glasses shop again,
then for the dinner also :P

cat's plaws there! at my dad's car mirror xD
lolsss sien la .___.
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