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F famous )x

should i say, lack of emoness?
hahaaa last times used to, and then no more, yes again, and then, no. Dx
famous doesn't seems a crime? and it doesn't benefit someone too...
so there's no
reason for someone to make herself/himself sooo famous for nothing,
or it's not gonna ha
rm you if he/she really do...
so why sooooo mind?
ugh wtf

the SHIP is under maintenance. no entry please...
maybe its too overloaded, and going to sink...
that's why need some
one to quit, or else it will be very very pack~
squeezing will make some of the sailors fell uncomfortable and,
it will be hurt if this situa
tion continuance.

but you know i know, the sailo
rs will never be separate...
can't blame~ their hearts
were already tied. together.
you may not notice, but i did.
i saw one of the heart is loosing...
and it was like, going to leave the team
, unwillingly~
though, the sailor said: he will be back soon =)
because he can't survive without his team,
and he definitely know that some of his team member didn't give up to save him,
they still want him to stay with them :)

that's why, he is just leaving, TEMPORARILY.
for your information, the ship's volume is depends on the sailors.
if they could open their heart widely, understand before misunderstand,
then it should be, never overloaded.

but hey, i know u know, this hard work need time~
so let's concentrate about other stuff first x)

hey, in love? xD hahaaax

OMG, trial ≧-≦
dear, please believe that i still not yet study for science and sejarah.
which are my 'favourite' subject x)
not even a single page...
if im dead, believe your eyes,
R.I.P :)

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