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despicable us!

:S 1st time see teacher got angry in co-cu leh~
lolss the Despicable Us were pretending so pro x)

we got the brain, we got the look, we got it all~! xD

hahaaax proud proud oorzz~ :P

omg BY2 is in the town!
they gonna be in sungai wang today :O
wish i can go~~~!
and and, the first 30 can get to take picta with them uii know! ;P
ughhh mummy daddy can i go? please~

and hey~

不会再哭,不会放手,紧紧握住我的双手,let's us go home~ =D

cutie-pie you! ;D ♥
*zing zing*
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happy teacher'sday, teachers waiting kills D; go to the top! why are you so pro? chocolate deluxe + chocolate icekimo ♥ Connie Talbot I want to sing ♥ deee annnnd ngeeee im happy! grace is so cute :D