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the angel - amen

28th july, it's her birthday!
WENDY LOW HUI ERN a.k.a amen the angel x3
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

as you can see, she love her hamster :)

and ya know, if there's any future greatest mummy competition~

hahaa, she will be the champion xD

why? everybody knows that! :O

she's sooo caring, intelligent, hardworking and more more more.

that's why she got the angel name xD

FYI, her handwriting is just soooooo nice!

exactly look like the computer typing O.o


amen is totally a camera shy~~~ xD

pictures above.... ahahh guess how long we used?

nyahaa~ :P

anyway, it's your birthday~
wish you HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY :D
stay pretty yo~

and good luck for your PMR!

i know u get straight As' for sure :l

and lastly, friends forever ^-^

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