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i should be crazy x(

PMR was end! ;D and my blog is alive one week after PMR~ x)
because, i'm just too lazy to blog -.-

ahhah, i changed my blogskin, finally, weeeeeeeeeee~

there's so much things that we want to do.

we want a barbeque party, a night for sleepover, a day in sunway lagoon, maybe work together :)

i just want these plans work!

and please, don't stop me x( yes you, dad! =(

working on my 'big project' these days~ =) and i enjoy doing it~! =D

haiz, i don't want to take chinese anymore =( the teacher.... xP

but my dad made me take it...

omg how could i survive for the next year T-T

im not gonna survive~

and before going back to those study study days,

im just so need to be crazy! must!

live for today! crazily! xD nyahaaa~

okay, i still don't know what should i choose for next year class, boo~

oh yea, click my nuffnang okay? :D tq~~~ ^o^
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