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Contries name! ;D

omg omg look! i just found it.
countries name can be so
romantic too ;D

c.h.i.n.a - come here. i need affection.
k.o.r.e.a - keep optimistic regardless of every adversity.
h.o.l.l.a.n.d - hope our love lasts and never dies.
i.t.a.l.y - i trust and i love you.

l.i.b.y.a - love is beautiful ; you also.

f.r.a.n.c.e - friend
ships remain and never can end.
b.u.r.m.a - between us, remember me always.
n.e.p.a.l - never ever past as lovers.

i.n.d.i.a - i nearly die in adoration.

k.e.n.y.a - keep everything nice, yet arousing.

c.a.n.a.t.d.i.a - cute and naughty action that develop in attraction.

e.g.y.p.t - eve
rything' s great, you pretty thing!
m.a.n.i.l.a - may all nights inspire love always.
p.e.r.u -
phorget (forget) everyone... remember us.
t.h.a.i.l.a.n.d - totally happy. always in love and never dull.

gahaahh, wullalaaa~~ :D
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