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Happy Halloween! xD

muahahaaa! its Halloween today :D yeah~! heehee I love Halloween, i know you do~ xD but sad case, i stayed at home. can't get to see those Halloween thingy at whatever place =( still, excited! =D i had found a lotta picture~ and I loveeeee them eyh!!

oops =X

this harm. so don't do this =)

my god, why i can't find any of these? D:

why can't we just celebrate Halloween? like those countries, ya you know :P
sad la... i really do wish to heehee TRICK-OR-TREAT!



nyahahaha! well, i wish this could scared you~ xP
did it? oops~ :X

Happy Halloween world ;D
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Contries name! ;D Barbeque Party was awesome! =D i should be crazy x( two weeks fourteen days mine F famous )x the angel - amen mei! Dream Dream Dream. despicable us!