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worked on the dance!

thurday, went court 7 for practice...
lixian din't come, she went genting @.@
and and,
the guard was so anoyying D:

this is the only picture i took on that day :P
as you can see... both of them busy on their hair xD

friday, natasha can't come my house, and we can't go out also...
lixian came our house for practice...

Bobby keep disturbing xoxo
followed us here and there, even rest at the sofa also.... -.-
heeheee since he wanted to dance... xD

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I'm Grace, Amian.
I born on 28th of Mei. I love my friends, family and Bobby. I love hanging out, chit-chat with dearest friends, shopping! Moreover, love to sing and dance! (: There are my passion?

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why are you so pro? chocolate deluxe + chocolate icekimo ♥ Connie Talbot I want to sing ♥ deee annnnd ngeeee im happy! grace is so cute :D zen.... piano need me :D DEAR i love you muaxx