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Lazy lil puppy ♥

I'm still bursting my brain juice and thinking what to write...
yeah, still thinking... lols. you got no idea why
i'm writing now x)

There's one my special gor gor. He asked to! Blame him :B nyahaa~ Nvm, i should update my blog too x) and ya' thanks to him. He 'produced' some kaw
aii ideas for me to write about. whether having Puppy or Doggie as a nickname nicer xD as a human, I know! even alienz will choose Puppy right? so... the name- lazy lil puppy was born xD

xie xie Brandon gor gor~ nyahaa ^-^

according to my horoscope: this furry one was my lucky dog ;D

:/ oops i'm sorry. that's not my fault. at all.

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I'm Grace, Amian.
I born on 28th of Mei. I love my friends, family and Bobby. I love hanging out, chit-chat with dearest friends, shopping! Moreover, love to sing and dance! (: There are my passion?

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Happy Halloween! xD Contries name! ;D Barbeque Party was awesome! =D i should be crazy x( two weeks fourteen days mine F famous )x the angel - amen mei! Dream Dream Dream.