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BM period,
teacher din't come!! yay!!
the dunno what teacher ganti, she was a chinese fan!

she asked me, wendy, huiyee and suet yee to
write news year wishes at some chinese new year cards.
we wrote, and she asked for translate...
each wish we need to translate for few minutes ;x
of course we are not a good translator!

the translation was soo lame and funny.
yes, again, we keep laughing like siao~
watch this>>
year year got "fish", means every year got food xD
wan shi ru yi, good luck la, yay!

science, 3A was in chapter 4 now.
yea, reproduction.....
the peoples are so LOL! (don't be perasan)
i was trying to awake myself...
no use ;P too sleepy....
my friends agree with that too ;D

and then, bla bla bla.......
go back~
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