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im waiting....

woke up at 8.30 today, wow~ *clap*
was planning to go temple for pray de, but after that plan had chg :)
chged to a happy one =)

nail polished! showing off in da car~ xD

went our "uncompleted" house... *-*

down left: view from 3rd floor, which is my parents' room.
down right: right neighbour x3

n den went pyramid for lunch.
suggest dad fullhouse =D
i promise to belanja coz dat is my suggestion~

girl's ss :S

dad go pasar x3 its our time!!!
yay!! clothes! shoes! accessories! wooo!!
tried many clothes at many shops.
till my neighbour (we bring her along coz she was alone in house)
got phobia of shopping with us~
cause we walking non-stop! :P

hah! this one~ i tried both color (black & white)
white one hanging there~ can see? xD
but at last, dint buy that...
bought another one, which be paired with my sis~ :D
this is wat we call --- sister.

oh yea, bobby got a hair cut again! D:
but luckily this time not too bad,
and can considered as the best look after cut!
he emo.... ):
i sad... T-T

he is so tired now, sleeping.....
notice that? yea, he looks like Simba in Lion King xD

yeah, totally!
and and, his head is bigger than his body xP
his tail! totally shape ROUND!
can u imagine that? so cute >.<
cheer~ =D
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need to learn x3 two is better than one :) 0 preparation for exam!! D; huggie :D lala land!! x3 vivian jie go go!! muahaha, bobby~~ tuesday.... tag by xiann mei =D lynn's birthday in pyramid