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huggie :D

ermm... so,
my genting trip? yea yea....

i thought we should go after having lunch,

but we were waiting till almost 10PM o.O

something happen, private case :X

as we reached there, it was already 10.45pm~

go take dinner (still consider dinner? or supper?)

omg. i love the LAKSA xD

and then, since there was nothing to do,

we simply walked around at outside and PHEW~~~ IT WAS WINDY ;D

that time we were crazy taking picture since the setting was freakin nice (yea, wif family~)

awwww... so sweet ^o^

this stupid thingy made me jumping jumping to show im not shortiie -.-

i touched to longest 1 for 2 times oni, and i was jumping for over hundred!

lalaa~~~ christy can't touch too~~

2nd day, went haunted house and "believe it or not"

ehem, in haunted house i was like....

AHHHHH, yea keep shouting


why are u walking so fast?? don't leave me at the back TT

the coffin sleeping there, i standing there, nothing moving...

when will the coffin open?? faster la, i need walk over!!

and till last, nothing opening, nothing moving and im still not dare to walk over o.O

snow world time~

christy pity laaa, ops~ not allowed to tell :T

still cold xD wow, christy's eye BIG BIG!!

nothing to play liao~

shopping time!!!

yeah, bought 1 cloth and casual bag =D

back from genting but not yet home.

went PASAR -.-

guess wat??!!

met aunty chin chin :S

finally, yeah, home~

yiiiii...... BOBBY PISS!!

too excited to see us back =D


okay, here...
specially for my beloved dii :D
yay, we are happy today?? xD
anyway, thankiieew ♥♥
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