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need to learn x3

learnt from nat.
this is how she spent her time, boring time xD
another thing that i need to learn from nat is...
wondering how she give her postS a unique tittle ;)
i mmg no brain de, kosong head juz with a pair of eyes, ears, a nose, a mouth...

oh yea, and of course my beloved hair xD
actually a lot or things i need to learn from this smarties x33
she is a smart prefect, hot dancer, and also a good friend ;o
LOL, seems lyk i am marketing nat.
hahaa, now way, she is not for sale~~

another one, juli!!
she got a smart brain coz she keep turning it xD
but she is tooo polite to admit it -.-
keep say she is stupid....
no, actually she is a "stupod" (new word from me :P)
coz she duno dat she is smart!
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two is better than one :) 0 preparation for exam!! D; huggie :D lala land!! x3 vivian jie go go!! muahaha, bobby~~ tuesday.... tag by xiann mei =D lynn's birthday in pyramid 2day lynn older 1 year looo... x3