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muahaha, bobby~~

i was waiting for my transporter...
my dad came down with a messy brown hair....(yes, he had a hair dyed ;x)
and i don't know why he said that:" come, i cook noodles for you." =.=l
and he really did that!!
of course i got stop him because there was no more time to wait the noodles cook done and for me to eat it.
but he said only need 5 minutes. argghhh, whatever~
never mind, i am gonna blame bobby!!

he saw a grasshopper and "acting" so scared,
and then i just pay no heed to him.
and then he started to "grrrrrrrrrrrrr", really.
i was still deaf xD
then he beh tahan and then go and "roff roff" for thousand times... -.-
conclusion, he woke up my dad!! Bobby, don't run!!

wth, 5 more minutes when i reached school, pheww~

came back, mom asked to bath for bobby....
MUAHHAAHA *evil laugh*
as he just slept, "wake up!! no more sleeps!! no no no no~~"

he can't really awake.
is not my fault by the way ;P
you see he is stil sleeping there, what a stupid doggie!!

after he bath, helped him blowed,
and yes!!
he still sleeping... =.=ll
so i can blow him easily~~ clap clap~~

after 30 minutes, yay~ mission completed!! :D
he is sooo clean and smell cutey :D really.
used doggie powder shampoo~

it must be something here.....

haha, what can you do to me?!
sweat, he was just acting innocent!!

bobby: awwwww please, i am the chong's family member too!!

fine luuu......*taking out a cookie for him*
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