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vivian jie go go!!

so sienz...
today is the last day of cny holidays liao T.T

wanna facebook but the net sot sot, got problem o.0

tried so many times and wasting my time!!

then why not i update my blog? LOLX

haha.. here, my cousin (biao jie)~

she pro in sing~

she took part in astro star quest 2009~

and she got 16th in top 20!!

wow~ *clap clap*


she gonna fighta again in taiwan next two year!

at million star, jiayou ^o^

omg! im so lucky n glad coz she is my cousin ;D

yeah~ admit she got talent!! totally ^-^

say pretty~ preeetyyy!!!


hahaaa, dun jealous yea >.~
i wish i could be like her one day.

nahhhh, let's see.... o.o

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