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two is better than one :)

went co-co today, see!!! see!!!
firstly, met keok hua, giv her a morning hug x3
then, met xian mui, gib her a huggie too =D
hahaa.... i love to give hug~
free hug here~~~ xD

aiyooo, my dear didn't come today D:
miss you dear >o<

hahaa, practicing kawad that time!!!
i keep laughing!! xDD
cause of some one, her actions, her moves.....
omg o.o

while waiting dad after co-co,
took picture with lixian mei mei~ =)
aiyooo, she is so pretty!



two is better than one, no matter doing what, watching what, eating what, playing what, listening what, learning what, etc.
=)) hahaa, lame one.
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0 preparation for exam!! D; huggie :D lala land!! x3 vivian jie go go!! muahaha, bobby~~ tuesday.... tag by xiann mei =D lynn's birthday in pyramid 2day lynn older 1 year looo... x3 tag by lixian