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I want to sing ♥

last saturday went pj singing centre with D' chong family~
6 something had dinner at bandar puteri shabu-shabu ≧◡≦
so funny that my cousin - Vivian jie wore cute style as she thought we will wear like this.
and we wore mature style because we thought what she thought xP
'next time mature's turn!' LOL

high till 12.oo AM~
than gonna leave dee...
and we noticed that another singing centre haven't close yet~ xD
LOLOLOL everyone raise up hands for 2nd round~! yeah~!
and sot till 2 something still tak puas hati x)

supper time~!
at puchong lok-lok~~ xD LOL u might dunno what is that nyahahaa
and finally, go home.
my dad show me his o.O... when i told him tomorrow need attend the perkongsian pintar :P

pictures of the day


yesterday (tuesday)
this time crazier~!
my dad bring along his friends.... adults go down stair, the 2nd singing centre xD
so its our world~! Vivian jie said:" come! we have our own mini concert! xO"
play water some more =P

than time's up Dx
LOL second round again~ with my the adults~ at down stairs.
already lack of energy x)
go makan with the anti-adults group xD
dad belanja 50 bucks~! yay~!
we went 7-eleven and bought LOT LOT of rubbish ;D

water, juice, potato chips, nuts, ehem beer, chocolate, choki-choki! LOL my fave~! xD
HIGH back~! crazier and crazier and crazier~ xD
keep on shouting~! omg the dj damn leng zai ≧◡≦
police come O.O
checked our IC and gone~
lol i dint bring and so lucky he dint check 'children's' xD
de DJs' said we too noisy dee~ :P
but he don't care~ LOL he said:" JUST ENJOY~! "
swt xD

around 3 somethings nee went home~
and sleep at 4 somthing x)
now damn sien.... christy go for lawatan sambil belajar dee xo
baaaaaaaaaah! :O

and and lastly,
for nat,
lol im sorry that u cant go on friday :O
if my dad let me go out 2 times then next week we go kay? :D
sorry ≧◡≦

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deee annnnd ngeeee im happy! grace is so cute :D zen.... piano need me :D DEAR i love you muaxx she is D' vivi ♥ i ain't emo, believe me :) I am what I eat xP a long one :D i guess?