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Annoyed =[

I'm just SO not in the mood. =( I think is the car's horns this morning xP last night my dad called ABC to fetch me and my sis to clinic for some checking, ahah sorry i don't want tell it first :X I tot he will be going out earlier or busy. But after we back home, he not yet go out =.= why don't he bring us go? I don't like the ABC! and car's horn too! so ANNOYING :/ which spoiled my mood this early, 8.30am ;[

I can't stop feeling annoying... I don't know why D: online in the evening usually. But I rather go play piano~ that's better than looking at the screen, you know right? :P

At night they were back~ Mom told us a bad news. That was a very very bad one. Why most of the adults like to break promise?? D: They should understand our feeling. They were once children, I think they forgot bout it.

Today was really really sux, even the bath water. There's no water supply today, and I had forced to use the damn COLD water =[ ish ish ish!

Dad back. omg I don't feel like talking to anyone. forgive me :X Put on the earphone and ignore Bobby. He was knocking the door outside my room T-T

The happiest time today was, evening raining time. Bobby don't know scared or what, Keep following me. walk here walk there, made me so sweat =.=ll Power cut! hahah shout like ghost~ Luckily got Bobby =) He made me laugh with his manja manja action xD awww
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