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A friend, my world.

do you know miracles happen? my dad said i can hang out with friends. this was the 1st time i din't beg him for going out~ wooo :D
so yeah, went pyramid with lynn, shan, shinnie, menzi, and krystal. =)

we had lunch at T-bowl. I was crazy as keep waving to the passer-by xD quite surprised when ppl wave back to meeee~ x) movie, Rapunzel~
went cotton on. guys, those shoes are really...not expensive? lols. but i din't buy, don't like :/
oh oh! shan promised to get me a lateeee birthday present~! =D and i reli wish she could fast fast find it!! yeah! ♥

oh ya, i cut my hair x) kinda short, lols.
went KL just now. but something disappointing happened. and we din't get to play around there :(

today's sky~
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I born on 28th of Mei. I love my friends, family and Bobby. I love hanging out, chit-chat with dearest friends, shopping! Moreover, love to sing and dance! (: There are my passion?

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