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starry starry night .

They said there's gonna be a meteor shower on around 5.15am. Since my parents outstation for 8 days... xD we almost don't sleep~ such bad kids~ nyahaa~ me and my sis went out to the car porch there.

wooo~ do you know how starry was the sky? :D so beautiful~! of course the stars not as many as those pictures you seen usually. But at least that was the most starry night I've ever seen. I could see the constellation xD aww please believe me~ I saw two, Sagittarius and Southern Cross. Well, the Sagittarius not really obvious. I can't really see the beast's body, but its bow and arrow can be seen clearly :D

Southern Cross =)

I saw one of my neighbour's family was outside too. I think they were waiting for the meteor shower. Naw, no meteor shower~! They keep taking pictures of the starry sky. The flash light~ ngee =D Too bad, we din't take any picture of that. Phone sucks =( and, pictures above were found at Google~ :)

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