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i'm yours :)

omgosh!! guess what?!
today is by2 miko and yumi's birthday!
appi sweet sweet birthday especially for MIKO
and also YUMI :D

and and!
their 3rd album gonna come out at april!

《成人禮》 ♥

+ u o ^o^

got crazy tagging humans and aliens at facebook these day.

go check it out :D

hahaa, another good news for me! and you, i guess?

woooshhh~ i bought 2 hamsters last sunday!

minnie and minna~ x3

2 different type, both are female :)

cause only left female! :X

ermmm... one is.....

LOL i forgot the name of their type.

nahhh, anyway,

will update their photos SOON!

stay tune ya~

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alice i miss you xoxo helpless D: im waiting.... need to learn x3 two is better than one :) 0 preparation for exam!! D; huggie :D lala land!! x3 vivian jie go go!! muahaha, bobby~~