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borrow me your time xO

okay... homework haven't done yet.
still don't feel like doing.
woke up earlier (10.30a.m.) hahaax its so called EARLIER for me ;)
to go for a hair cut xo

i used to hate that barber, THAT! now also...
she just made me hate her!
she is so called professional...
she cut my hair with her scissors, of course xo
but i don't like it!
its not what i want :O

go back home, homework? nope ;)
waiting lixian come~
haha, we met the whole week!

in maahh room, i spotted this!
yerrr, so perasan! so vain!
starred at the mirror for more than 10 minutes!
even sleep oso dun wanna leave the mirror,
he slept in front of the mirror!

and then go play play the piano~
lixian's order - can you feel the love tonight?
hahaa, not used to someone else watching me playing~
homework!! x.x
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when can us? i'm yours :) alice i miss you xoxo helpless D: im waiting.... need to learn x3 two is better than one :) 0 preparation for exam!! D; huggie :D lala land!! x3