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I am what I eat xP

after school,
LOL totally a joke
nasib baik ah man
saved me!
tq ah man!!


pandu have activity in
bengkel masakan.
teacher sponsored the ingredients,

we decided to make sandwiches! =)

+ french fries and Ri
bena! LOL

success one! =D

the girls were so happy~ *peace* =D

I am what I eat =D

wanna take picta with mah dear~

1st one, failed D:

when we looked at that picta,

we laugh our ass out.

Florance said: need so over
react meh? hahaxx

nuuuu, this one lah! xP

and the 2nd one, yay!

i love this frame dear!!! <3> o <
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a long one :D i guess? borrow me your time xO when can us? i'm yours :) alice i miss you xoxo helpless D: im waiting.... need to learn x3 two is better than one :) 0 preparation for exam!! D;