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a long one :D i guess?

going to elaborate this post to make it longer.


yesterday cu-co damn sweat weih!

dunno what happen.

firstly, played 'ice and fire'. hahaaa, i see the word 'swt' came out from ur mouth!

and then and then.... played the

so called 'eagle catch chicken' WTF. =.=

at first i was played as the 'eagle'.

yeah got 2 eagles.

so we catched all the 'chicks' within 4 minutes? o.o


but then after that they said one eagle enough,

so i be the 'chicken' back xO

and then wendy felt down,

as she was pulling menzi,

menzi felt too!

as menzi was pulling mahh shirt,

i.. errr not straight away fall.

i was lyk : ahhh, cannot fall cannot fall!

but then at last, slightly felt! :O ouuuuuuu~~

wendy most cham!

she got bear down by menzi and me :O

after these lame gameS, pandu cam whore!


me n menzi go helped pn.ngu after co-cu.

ahaaaa, her daughter is soooo kawaii lehh~~~ ^o^

fall in love with her~ xD

and then 'after school' again,

almost killed by my didii xo

how can he..... =P

aaaaa, cant breath :O

hahaahaaa, didii later u regret how? xD

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borrow me your time xO when can us? i'm yours :) alice i miss you xoxo helpless D: im waiting.... need to learn x3 two is better than one :) 0 preparation for exam!! D; huggie :D