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ngeeee im happy!

okay firstly,
thx to nuttyvivi for updating my blog as im lazy,
plus, the modem got problem. ngeeeeeeee

last saturday, 22nd of may,
me, christy and lixian performed remix dance :D
someone took the video but dun wan post xP

then sunday, 23rd may,
danced shake it baby~! ;D
and sang -____-
damn cham T-T
okay not gonna talk bout dat~

after finished the events,
had lunch 'kopitiam' in digital mall~
and then was playing around~
so fun :D

buuuuuuh! exam was here! -.-
and guess what? i haven't start study yet =D congrats me~

hahahaaa got presents today =)
thx for the gift and wishes =)
LOL chia yan said: grace happy wesak day xD
Nat was thinking should said happy birthday or happy wesak day to me too x)

i l♥ve these and thank you ;D

went 7-eleven just now ;)
kakak ajak ma.... x) so she belanja me a Cornetto ice-cream ~

♥♥ lol, real happy ;D

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grace is so cute :D zen.... piano need me :D DEAR i love you muaxx she is D' vivi ♥ i ain't emo, believe me :) I am what I eat xP a long one :D i guess? borrow me your time xO when can us?