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deee annnnd

is friday!
yay no school~
lols wesak day! the date of birth of Buddha~
for your information, im doing wesak for sejarah stupid folio x)

went temple at around 1pm...
and then go pyramid for lunch...
sakae sushi! xoxo
eat half way go out find my neighbour at fullhouse :)
she gave me bear bear key chain as b'day present~!
lolx thanks for remember my birthday :D

saturday got kem kaligrafi duuuuuh -.-
but me, shinnie, christy and lixian ponteng actually~ xP
after that kem, went menzi house and
jason cheong my dear didii gave me

he gave me back Joy for one week :)
as i damn miss her! xoxo
and thanks for the ferrero rocher
chocolate always make me happy, seriously =D

remember i said there will be more pre
sents from my parents? xD
yea, i was right! lolss
can u believe?

my mom gave me a damn big box,
as i opened it...

that's what i saw x)

lol, zha dou again.... o.o

and another one from parents too

the day was end sien-ly...~
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ngeeee im happy! grace is so cute :D zen.... piano need me :D DEAR i love you muaxx she is D' vivi ♥ i ain't emo, believe me :) I am what I eat xP a long one :D i guess? borrow me your time xO