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grace is so cute :D

HELLO PEOPLE ♥  fyi, this is not grace blogging here ! haha !
read 'labels' to know who :D well well well, let's update her blog for her !

the lenglui performed at the usj 19 digital mall on saturday and sunday ( today ).
she sang and danced :D  with christy and li xian ! :D hahaha,
it wasnt embarassing, wasnt a failure and it definately wasnt bad !!
it was AWESOME kay, AWESOME. dont so rendah diri :D !!

they are happy family :D
LOL. trust me, i have no idea where that lil girl came from :D

christy, grace, lixian :D

grace and natasha :D LOL.
i feel weird typing my own name .


that's a short update for today. maybe she'll blog about this again later :D
cuz she didnt type anything for saturday's event :O
buhbyee :D


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zen.... piano need me :D DEAR i love you muaxx she is D' vivi ♥ i ain't emo, believe me :) I am what I eat xP a long one :D i guess? borrow me your time xO when can us? i'm yours :)