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DEAR i love you muaxx

hey yo yo~!
LOL im using these word nowadays xD

y now~
my new post
is about a bestie's birthday, again =D
heeheee, i know my blog was just like a birthday calender xD

forgot anyone birthday? chec
k out my blog~ *advertising*

chong shinnie, yea is her!
Happy Birthday mah dear~
may all your wishes come true and
what you need to do daily is

and wish you get
flying colors for PMR~ =) jia you jia you.
you used to be so cheerful. i hope u will
do in the future! and cheer up everyone! =D

her cute adoring face!

you might don't know she is hawt too!

if she want :P

don't think she look small small like that~

gee =D she's strong!

awwwwww, we know you are cute lah shinnie ^o^

aaaaa~! cute...
like a baby gahahaa
*don't kill me~ x)*

long hair! i miss that :P

see shinnie so cheerful! =D
wooo, i love her!

2009 teacher's day.
her mum came in school and signed for me x) *thx*

then we went pyramid~~

do what i also forgot liaao...

last time our outing.
had lunch at fullhouse and played with the stuff xoxo

see how cute she is!
last last time pandu's activity -- cooking~

damn i love this picture ^o^

may our friendship remains and never can end :)

woooh, long post! :P
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she is D' vivi ♥ i ain't emo, believe me :) I am what I eat xP a long one :D i guess? borrow me your time xO when can us? i'm yours :) alice i miss you xoxo helpless D: im waiting....