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we hug like teddy bears :D

heheeee natasha you turned 16! which means u are 1 year older again, :p
but nevermind la~! i remember ur birthday, but not your age xD and and, you can always lie about your age hahahx!

3 years+ classmates weih x( but now no more.. miss ya in the class D:
mixiu mixiu~!!

 cuddles! xD hahahs sorry that this is the first pic of your post vivi~!

believe me, you are brighter than the stars =)

 talented weih! x)

 the popular SS QUEEN~!

 this girl looks sexy and mature.
the blackie doggy look yeng 8D

so cutee! :P

 so so cute! :P

so so so cute! :X

we have wonderful memories, let's make new sweet memories in the future :D

the red girls :)

 my favourite picture! :D

 wo men hao hao ai ^o^

hug like teddy bears :D

 the latest photo with hubby :)

vivi vivi i want more teddy bearS pictures!! xD
lolxx aishhh nat i have to stalk u before posting weih :X hahas paiseh~ :p 

i wish natasha marion gunter's dreams come true,
and find the right one soon =)
i wish she is getting prettier and prettier, although now she is already damn leng lui x)
i wish she'll be happii everydae and laugh till she cry every 5 minutes!
i wish her future got ME! LOLOLOLOL
i wish our friendship remains and never can end! :D
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Happy 19th Birthday wu di shuai, super cool can't forget your smile =) i got no feeling. stress! Happy 2011! When the saints go marching in... Chilly warmth, lovely night ♥ You're so beautiful. True friend