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When the saints go marching in...

 after take PMR result, went pyramid with shinnie ahdear~ wonder why my dear friends all stayed at home :(

christmas eve! went genting for count down~ my mom said i can buy anything at genting as my present. Genting got so much things to buy meh? -.-

look at this! i mean, the baby! cute lil Santa Claus o>.

 me! i took this when i was walking, at outside :3

can see someone hiding in this picture? x)

 is time! everyone is counting down! three, two one! merry christmas! 
crowded >.<

 i bought this lil' angel and ate it!! xD

 Hallelujah .___.

went back at around 3p.m. go back home packed luggage and went palace of golden horse. overnight again =) went pyramid, T-bowl for dinner. And then watched Vampire Warriors. 10pm-12am xD 

the room, number 2009 x)

I love the mirror! so big~! there's 3 in this toilet :p

the Xmas tree was made by bottles.

Shan laogong, thanks for updating my blog! what a nice post! Merry Christmas too yea! ♥ By the way, i was so angry last night! you! why are you keep telling me what you saw on 8tv T-T i missed everything! haiz...
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