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i got no feeling.

'once upon a time', i was a robot. no feeling bout everything. don't remind me how pain it was.

that hurts that pains i can just deal with it, with a smile or 10 minutes or what. guess what? i really enjoy my days for 1 year. well, don't ask me when. of course not the whole year, but at least that's the happiest year since i got to high school.

if i can choose, definitely i won't choose to be the eldest. its so hard D: people just expect too much on you. until you can't breath and go to die :) let the her/him be 'x' :p

everything will be my fault when i done nothing. don't ask me why. i don't know. people just care bout x's feeling when x's was actually fine, sometimes. "why you don't care bout x?" yeah, and then i'll be asked this type of question. eh please, don't give judgment when you don't know everything or anything. explaining was so tired. people who know me don't need my explain ; people who don't know me forever won't understand it too.

i know, the x just better than me too much, in everything. how could i so stupid ._.  i need express my feeling. but those smart people just thought ugh! im so tired, i don't even have extra energy to fake my life kay!? =[

ya i know what should i do to avoid get involve in complicated stuffs. just to put on more and more and extra more care on x. and everyone will be happy. that's simple, if only it was... :/ tell me what's the feeling when your feeling is not a feeling to others.

i started to love sina. at least i can say everything at there, without hurting myself back :)

don't read ;) later is my fault again.
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