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Happy 2011!

 1.1.11 woooh! Happy New Year :D

went sunway for count down~! waited for quite long, about 1 hour+ was watching ppl playing spray~ last last year, we played too. at KL xD that time was count down for Christmas. omg that time was so fun! after 10`9`8......`4`3`2`1! the situation was like, war! hahah. we started chasing ppl and sprayed! xD even strangers!! MUAHAA. those cars which parked at the road were sooo unlucky~ their car got spray until so 'colourful' ahah. But not us did that lah :p that time we went back like around 3am x)

 oops. that's my cousin's head xD


Back to 2011, after the count down and got sprayed by others, we rushed back to pyramid as the movie - Gulliver's Travel, gonna start soon. after the movie is already 2am something. not going home yet~ went Puchong for 'lok-lok'! xD nyahaha~ we went home at around 3am+ :)

 ermm, Sunway Resort pool side :)

Anyway, dear all my friends, let's say goodbye to 2010 and welcome 2011! yay, its a rabbit year! =D Thank you for being my friend, and made this year so wonderful. Happy New Year! Stay awesome! *kiss*
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