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You're so beautiful.

went K.L 'that day'~ x) by TAXI xD with mum la hahaa~ she had an event at pavilion. organized by some watch brands. that event start at 7.00p.m. as we arrive at 3 something, we went shopping at sungei wang. crowded @.@

searched for new shoes~~!!! omg i found one heels look like Miko's one!!!! >3< i could already bought that, but then end up i let it go... =( it costs 109.90 bucks man. and i don't think i can wear it to anywhere :X nevermind, i found another one. and it kinda look like the one i heart xD the difference is that's not heel~

bought pants :X i think should really stop buying new pants and go hunt for new clothes xD aiyayaa~ i tell you, Christy did spent money like me too! :p even more than meeee nyahaha. don't tell her! shhhh x)

and then went pavilion around 7 as the event gonna start soon.

mummy ^-^

 also had dinner at there. there got no chairs. all were standing. then around 10, we went out and take picta :D
 pavilion's Christmas decoration was awesome!

  dad came fetched us back. i saw this! omg hahah. yea yea i love the name~

 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
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