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True friend

did you notice? these probably happen between you and your true true friend~! =) then you should believe, they are really your friends, true friends.

1. the friend who more close with you like to throw cold water on you :p

2. you don't really mind what they said about something that you don't like.

3. they know your weakness well than yourself.

4. they called your name excitedly when they saw the person you like or your ex. x)

5. always wanna share your little secret with them.

6. the one who concern bout you the most, always is the one who love to irritate you, actually.

7. you have the same interest, maybe just one, or more.

8. you can just be yourself only when you are with them.

9. when you get crazy, even though were be seen as a Neuropathy, still laughing at there.

10. you just got your own place, and that exists not by purpose.

11. a lot of promises: in the future, we must.... just because you don't want to get separate.

12. hahah maybe you were too close, until seen as gay/lesbian by others xD

13. always quarrel, but still so cheeky to be back friendly~

14. you are so happy when she is in love with someone :)

15. you can bully her whenever and whatever you want, but others just cannot bully your friend.

16. "omg lengzai!" "yucks!" but still, looking at the guy with you xD

17. you and your friends will think/talk about what will she do if she was here, when one of your friend is not around.

18. you won't admit when they guessed what's on your mind.

19. you will use what they gift you, even though that thing looks not nice.

20. when you want to say something nice, but you will found that that was too sweet for them x) and nauseating. like to buy the same things, just to let poeple know that you are friends! =)

22. you are kind, and just want to live happily~

23. and friend like this, need time to get along with.

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