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Yuhoo~ damn paiseh to say, blog re-opened :p
especially for a cutey sis, liying  ♥ ;D
hahahh so i would like to start my post with: OMG,

BY2's fourth album released finally, on 12.10.2011!
had been waiting for so long, one year and six months+ >-<

Miko and Yumi had turned more pretty :)
I think they exchange their style, as Yumi dressed maturely while Miko dressed SO DAMN cute! >-<
Miko, ties two pony tails x) hahahh! anyway, have to admit that, Yumi is getting prettier than last time :)

Teehee i'm still supporting them as you can see :b
i just love them. i don't know why :O

wooohh GO BY2!
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