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i ain't emo, believe me :)

i thought i was late to anugerah at school today :O
but then, lols, hy n sy more late~ :P

counting down for the so called cctv to on.

vivi n 'her fren' was betting whose face will cum out 1st.

vivi said kumar...
and then kumar's butt xP
so.. considered vivi win lah~ :D

lol, i cursed someone fall down but he dint -.-

awwww~ xD

after finished, practice dance~

then suddenly pn.lim come,

she told us bout Buddha things~

asked us to go for Buddha lesson,

as it will help us a lot in our exams result?

LOL, ley ley kena tarik~~ heehee =D

but then at last, we dint go~ ;P

again, ppl said i look emo -.-

this time was my dear didii xoxo

lolz, i reli looked sad mehh?

i was freakin happy what~

cam whore!

lolss, jason cheong said: chong cheong family~ :D

i dunno why he was there~ xDD

i love her, seriously :) ♥
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