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Teeshirt only

As Christy and me were so boring staying at home. for few weeks dee! my mom took us to IOI and left us shopping there~! though there's not as much things to shop as pyramid de x) hahah.oops we went without dad's permission :T i think my mom was lazy to tell him too xD

My mom always back at 5 sumthing, so...Time limited. we shopped like rushing to airport, hahah xD I wonder why there's not much clothes i can find, only tee :/ T-shirt! ugh! :S

Enjoy the tees~~ hahah xD

there's more pictures, but me yong sui sui! ahhah xD

and...... we went back at 8pm! mom go for Yoga~ teehee~ =D had dinner at there. 
Bought a skirt and a teeshirt :/ and still regretting for buying that stupid tee :X 
my sis bought a short and a TEE TOO xD she love it btw~
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